Mario & Eze

Mario & Ezequiel

Happily married since 2004 (Marina) and father of one amazing dwarf (Ezequiel) two dwarfs (Ezequiel now 2 going on 20, and Tobías recently born), I’ve been involved with internet since mid 90’s and have performed several roles; ranging from technical up to my current role as R&D Manager for an internet product development company Internet Sales Manager for the local operation of an amazing Latin-American Airline.

Born in Bogota,  Colombia (1978), I am currently located @ Buenos Aires, Argentina. When not at work I spend my days playing tennis with Marina, trying to learn from Ezequiel and Tobías (yes, we are still learning the art of parenthood) as much as I try to teach him, reading and engaging in geeky conversations all over the place and around the clock.

Marina and Ezequiel

Marina and Ezequiel

As you might already know: I provide this blog to share experiences, interesting anecdotes and cry out loud some of my ideas.  I assume you are aware that by reading or following my blog by no means a professional relationship is created; no legal binding here sorry :).  What I do expect, is that by beign here you are either moved to share your criticism around my posts with me or inspired to do something along the lines -share you damn it!-.

Needles to say, the opinions expressed here are my entire responsability and not of my current employer, friends or any member of my amazing family.

Acknowledgments and thanks: some of the posts and their corresponding titles are seeded by my reverse mentor Dario Manoukian.

Header is a slight modification of a photograph taken by Irargerich


5 responses

10 10 2008

cool site masan,

20 11 2008

Thank you, Masan for helping me find my way though the journey that is entrepreneurship!

2 12 2008
Mariana Santoyo

I love you and I am proud of you and your family. You are the best thing I have in Life. Thanks for your Blog, it is not only usefull for work, it has helped my personal life.

4 12 2008

Un gran abrazo mi gran amigo!

9 05 2010
Saul Santoyo Téllez

It hasn´t been a surprise for me to find your interesting blog. From your early childhood I knew you were going to do something marvelous in life. I see a lot of goodarticles and i consider them to be useful for me and for my studens too.

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