Seth Godin’s New Book: BUM! PAM! WHAM!

9 05 2011

Yes you read it alright! Seth Godin new book (Poke The Box) is full of action.

Other reviewers have summarized the book greatly: get off your chair and start doing things. Some with a 4+ rating others with a plain 1, mines is a 5…here is why.

Need a little adjustment by Cordey

As some of you might have experienced before there are some books that promise to bring you THE new way of understanding thing yet they end in a puff bringing either an innovative idea with no application to us the small mortals or a vapor-idea, the kind that doesn’t have a hold and is unattainable.But truth be told: this is a book revolving a simple idea ACT.

But it is not the kind of book that marvels yet leaves you alone to your own it comes with the equivalent of a bag full of goodies: actions and strategies rooted on experiences by the likes of you and me.  Its tone is insistent and keeps asking you to DO, ACT, GO, MOVE, TRY. It sounds just like the football coach on the sidelines: Why are you staring at me! Grab that ball and run!

Surely, if you follow Seth’s advice you will fall lots of times. But hey! At least you will break your chaings and have control and accountability over yourself. By those falls you will learn what steps to take to succeed, trust me I have some bruises to show you.


Pd. By no means ACTING means you are encouraged to run head on into a wall, you’ve gotta know where you are running and towards what you are running, still you don’t have to keep planning so much you stall.

Pd2. “What happens when a publisher has a tight, direct connection with readers, is able to produce intellectual property that spreads, and can do both quickly and at low cost?” Find out more at Seth’s new project. Domino Project.




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