Just call me salmon: from bystander to actor.

11 12 2008

As far as I know, we all live in the same planet, the very same that went berserk about a month ago and started experiencing what some cal the worst financial crisis of the past 60 years. It comes to my mind, that since I was born I’ve been living from time to time several events with “worst” as their top adjective.  Well, hear me you all: enough is enough! I will not accept as truths what others tell me will be the future; I am now, willing to harness my skills and charisma and walk the road, face the monsters and define my own adjectives for the events I live. How about this for starters: lively?

Waiting by conorwithonen

Waiting by conorwithonen

As most of you might already know, last week I ended my 8+ year relationship with my former employer (Dridco). When told or asked for advice, some of you thought I was suffering from a malady, I sounded nutty, anxious.  In the past 6 months several events occurred*, some of them by accident and others by my own will, which ended adding to the same effect: freeing me up from my comfortable witness position and throwing me into the arms of endeavor. 

You can match my decision to that of millions of teenagers worldwide (and not so teen) daily take: even though they find themselves quite happy and sumptuously living at their parents “hotel”, they have a car, their parents ask them for advice, they have a 24×7 all you can eat and no direct expense;  yet, they feel something is amiss, they have the hunger to eat the whole world, the need to walk the roads, make mistakes and learn more: the need to learn who they are as individual and be themselves from the on.

Spot on with my personal believes –yes I am evangelizing here- regarding idea sharing and value creation I would like to share with you my endeavor, you are welcome to rip, add, criticize, laugh and even: I defy you to start this going somewhere else. Ideas are free. What differentiates you from the competitor: YOU (who you are, the way you build, act and learn). 

Enough rumble, this is the project: develop a consultancy, a boutique of sorts, by which companies can asses their current and future online products against industries, revenue models, technological platforms and users goals. Sounds common? Well, it has a glint on it. Are you curious enough Alice? I plan to share under a Creative Commons By Attribution License part of my knowledge and research base. Caveat: project my change due to externalities,  I am not a stubborn donkey, if opportunity knocks at my door and is in line with my passions and needs, I’ll go for it. 

As yesterday, I’ll like share with you one of the sources of my inspiration. Hörtjur Smárason, an acquaintance of mine built via twitter, was one of the people who I consulted before jumping into action pointed me to his ebook and politely suggested me to read it. What could I say? He is behind IfThe WorldCouldVote.com blockbuster, is a well known personality regarding online marketing and user engagement, and after all a U$ 25 price tag for something he authored is a rip off. If you feel tremulous and don’t want to jump into the water before tasting its temperature, read his blog and you will acknowledge that any advice coming from his side will be a good one.

The book is a swift, empathic review of the decisions most companies will now take based on the current financial crisis, how many of those decisions will run against common sense, and what tools you can use (hence the Marketer’s Magic Chest title) to exploit the opportunities exposed by a crisis. After all, Hörtjur is from Iceland; if someone knows about how to survive adverse conditions the icelandics kick ass.

Pd.  If you want to further talk about my project or are interested in reaching me out, feel free to contact me via linkedin or drop me a comment and I would get back to you.

*Brief account of the events that might have caused my recent flare-up:

  • Dario Manoukian introduced me to twitter.
  • Guy Kawasaki invited me to review his now published book “Reality Check” and acknowledged my grain of sand.
  • Started working with Digbang as a software development provider, and confirmed corporations can also have goodness as their mantra.
  • Answered a question on “Linkedin Answers” and ended up with a new pen pal, marketing director of a huge corporation.
  • World went nuts in terms of financial environment.
  • Met Kathy Sierra, Joesys, Patricia nd several other interesting people who openly provide advice if asked for. 



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12 12 2008

Wow! Thanks for the mention, Masan. 🙂 And I totally agree with you. Icelandics do kick arse!

18 02 2009
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