Why you should be more like Batman in the office

3 12 2008
Photo by bmente

"Bruce Wayne has nothing on this kid" photo by bmente

First of all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dario Manoukian and I will be sharing some insight with all of you in the form of a guest post. I sincerely hope my humble input results useful and it’s put to good use, since otherwise it could cause world havoc.

This week I’ve been reading a book that Mario gave me. It is, of course, a Batman book. “No Man’s Land” by Greg Rucka to be precise. The thing about Batman novels is that you can get deeper into a character’s thoughts than you ever could by reading the comic book. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking about the thought bubbles comic characters often have placed above their heads in which one can read their thoughts as if doing so were an everyday act. Never the less, a novel has more insight on a characters quirks and tics than a comic book drawn by the most experienced artist could ever have. This is of course my opinion as a comic book artist. If I’ve offended you, my deepest apologies. Please continue reading…

One of the things I’ve picked up reading Batman novels is the way Batman’s self image is one of solemnity and authority. Sure, he’s got the muscles to throw any party to a shrieking halt and he’s draped as a nightmare. But still, there’s another factor that if omitted would strip the Batman of that magnificence: HE IS SILENT.

The Batman does not reveal emotion. The face beneath his cowl portrays a stone cold image chiseled with a back-of-the-neck-hair-tingling gaze. Some times a foe (or friend) yells at him, demands something, asks him why he is being so unfair, etc. The Batman remains silent. If standing in a room with a blazing fireplace, the only thing that will move of his face would be the dancing light shining off it and nothing more.

If one were to give Bats a good news they’d receive the same response: none. This is why I think that one can put this way of reacting (or not reacting, if you will) to good use in the office space or anywhere else for that matter.

Let us say that an annoying workmate is blasting loud music while you’re trying to program a complicated computer code (been there). The most efficient thing would be asking one self the following question: W.W.B.D.? (What Would Batman Do?).

If you’re thinking of a round house kick to the nape, then you’re wrong my friend. The Dark Knight would never harm an innocent person. Solid staking-a-victim-during-a-winter-storm-from-a-rooftop patience should be put to good use.

Let’s say that one is bucking for a raise and in return gets nothing but brownie points. Apply your stone cold face and do not let the adoration get in the way of your goal.

There are hundreds if not thousands of examples of experiences one has to put up with in the office, at home, school, etc. But I believe that the gist has been understood.

Bon chance in applying this technique and remember, if it works for the Batman, it could work for you.

Dario Manoukian




9 responses

3 12 2008

what would batman write as a comment ?
¬.¬ …

i like this way of thinking…XD

3 12 2008

Batman is not a good guy… he is an avenger..he does everything as revenge for his parents’deaths…

I do not believe we should stay put when someone puts loud music and don’t let you work…tell’em to get some earphones or shut it off…. keeping it to yourself is not good… they´ll just keep doing it because they don’t know it bothers you…

3 12 2008

Hmmm.. Nice article… What if your neighbor is a potential Joker? And Z… Batman is a REALLY good man……..

3 12 2008

Mariana, I have to disagree with you… Batman is full of anger..rage…to achieve his vengeance… if his childhood would’ve gone smoothly we wouldn´t know about him… in fact, we know him because he choose not to stay quiet (as opposed to what this article suggests)…..

3 12 2008

Z, Mariana, I strongly believe Batman, as all of us, have several traits and even though his origin is without doubt avenging his character evolved and forgot his obsession and nowadays (even though he died recently I am sure he will be back) he takes action into anything he comes to know off that he believe its wrongful and condemnable (Review: worrying solves nothing).

Even though one can think this post is a generalization of “Bats'” character, I feel Dario’s intention was to exemplify how the hero keeps his feelings in a stronghold, refrains from showing everyone what he is feeling (just like Caesar) and still acts according to whatever moral or ethical filters he has placed for himself.

4 12 2008

I’m familiar with that kind of Batman attitude, and let me tell you that, in my experience, it turned to be a little dangerous for myself. For example, It’s really common to see my brother paralyzed by every important (or not) situation or happening. He’s a successful guy and all, but he’s paralyzed every time he has to make a choice under pressure. On the other hand I tend to remain cold and emotionless so i can think clearly under pressure and/or in a dangerous situation.

In practice this seems to be better, cause I’m able to take action; however being like batman doesn’t suit with my everyday life and sometimes prevents me from developing personal relationships as I’m in that insensitive state.

My advice: use the Batman attitude with moderation, like Chuck Norris would do…

PS: Mario, I find the little smiley face in the left corner of your site as cute as intriguing.

4 12 2008

Thank you Akira, totally agree with you, that is why this post was how to be like Bats at the office 🙂 it is yet another tool for certain types of situations.

As for the smiley face: it might be my bavatar (blog avatar) -> Kermit, otherwise it would remain a mystery 🙂

9 12 2008

I have to accept that sometimes I am like The “Rage” batman in the office…… It is not my fault, I am just not a superhero!

Z probably you are right I really do not know much about Batman life, I do know that I like him now days and that his actions today are good….

29 12 2008
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