Awkward office moments that shall not be: When you get NO for an answer

27 10 2008

Be a team player

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Have you ever ended a conversation with a tingling guilty feeling or with the sensation you’ve just been tricked? I hear you, I’ve been in that exact state, but you know what? We all have had our share of NO at work, and it is nothing to feel ashamed of; even more, it is not a situation you have to regret. As much as it might be cheerless or even distressing, a no is yet another opportunity to asses your environment and learn more things about it for future use.

Golden rule: don’t walk a way with just the skinny answer; make sure you get enough information to work out the bases of it and act accordingly. Every answer has a background and you are entitled to know it. If your salary revision was rejected you can both boo and cry about the injustice of it or you could act the adult and ask the motivations behind the refusal.

Work is yet another constituent part of our lives; and as such, it exists within the boundaries of our humanity –the way we communicate and relate with others-. I believe human relationships are based on the balance of what we need from others, what others provide to us and what we give to others. There are few other aspects of life that can inform you more about the balance of a relationship than the answer for something you needed and asked for. It tells you how much your counterpart is willing to share with you and what you need to give to the bond, to keep the balance.

A salary rejection could have a lot of different motivations behind it and I would like to work around the most generalized ones.

You are not given enough to the relationship. Let us assume you’ve done your groundwork and have assessed yourself as a candidate for a salary revision, yet you’ve been turned down. What happened? Most enterprises are willing to raise their workforce salaries when they perceive they are adding value to the organization and as much as you thought you were a candidate for the prize, the organization authorities think otherwise. Make certain that you gather what is the business expecting from you, what you are currently giving and where you are just missing the mark. This is a hallmark opportunity to revise your role, better define what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t and state what does the establishment currently values and what it does not.

You haven’t built a solid case. You have clearly seen what the organization cares for; how you can add value and benefit the company, and even acted accordingly. Yet still, you’ve been rejected. Have you ever wondered if you are correctly building your marketing efforts? It might be that your efforts are just not being seen and valued, especially by the ones who decide upon this kind of things. This is far from being and invitation to boast and run all cocky around the cubicles; it is a call to review the way you feel about your work and how you communicate to others your achievements. Understand what makes your corporation pulse and how you add to it; how your managers think (are they visual, audile or tactile) and how you can communicate easily with them

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Hard times. You might have asked the right question at the wrong moment. Sometimes, companies’ authorities have a humongous responsibility towards stakeholders and employees and sometimes are asked to make really hard calls even if those are controversial. Your rejection might have just landed on the wrong times and there is nothing you can do to change the decision, and though it might be hard to be turned down because of this motivations it gives you a lot of information about your company authorities: are they only playing around or do they really care about what they do? Are they open or covert about their intentions and needs? With kind of information you would be able to plan better your future moves. A rejection on this kind of surroundings and its complementary information is an open invitation to be either a team player or an escapist, your call.

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For those of you who have asked: I haven’t recently asked for a salary raise and haven’t been rejected. I wrote this post to help others on this awkward situation where I’ve also been in the past and by no means I intended it to be a reflection on my current state.




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